Miguelito's Children's Menu

All kid’s menu items served with rice & beans (12 and under Please)
HADDOCK BITES - Bite sized haddock lightly fried to a golden brown and
served with a mango mayo 4.99
KID'S COMBO - A plain cheese quesadilla and a soft taco with chicken 4.99
- Annie’s mac & cheese 3.99
TOSTADA SALAD - A kid’s sized tostada salad with beans & cheese 4.99
CHICKEN FINGERS - Chicken fingers served with ranch dipping sauce 4.99
KID'S CHIMITAS - Two small chimichangas 4.99
SHRIMP - Pan seared Gulf shrimp with a light garlic marinade 5.99
KID'S NACHOS - A small plate of our hand cut nacho chips and cheese with salsa
on the side 4.99
KID'S TACO - One hard or soft shell taco filled with chicken or beef 3.99
KID'S BURGER - A 4oz. beef patty with cheese 4.99